• Can't see Images, Try a different browser like Google Chrome Building Radiator Springs
    Watch each video to see how
    you too can build one part at
    a time and soon you will have
    the whole town.
  • Start With One Building
    Let say you want to build the tire shop.
    You will need a block of styrofoam
    Look for packing material from big
    items, like TVs, Furniture.
  • I Even Used A Toy
    A off the shelf Cars toy seem to
    work best here..
  • Take Your Time Building
    Soon you will have enough to lay out
    your town.

Home of Lightning McQueen and Friends

The summer of 2012 Disney opened Carsland at Disneyland in California, we went and we have some video to share with all of our Fans.. Cars fans can spend this summer vacation exploring our website and the Radiator Springs movie set we built. You can see us on our YouTube channel. YouTube Click HereYouTube.

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The World Grand Prix Race Cars

What will the fans do now to fill there need for Speed? Cars Fans can spend this summer vacation exploring our website It is a great index of our videos on YouTube. You can also see us on YouTube click here YouTube.

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