My Story

First Joined YouTube

In 2007 I started posting Slide-Shows of Mussle Cars I had taken at car shows here in Fresno. I photographed cars of all Makes and Models from way back to 1978 and now the present. The old photos were lost but in 2001 I got my first Digital SLR and I've shot over 18000 photos of Mussle cars.

As a young soldier in the Army in Berlin, Gremany 1970 I took my first photography class at a USO club. Using all the photography skills I've learned over the years I created many of these beautiful works of art.

I took my grand kids to see the first Cars movie starring Lightning McQueen, the little red race car looked a lot like my little red Comet, so we made giant decals with paper and paint then taped them onto the Comet. I made a video of us dressing the Comet up with the decals, posted it on YouTube and it went viro with-in weeks. Ever since then we have made hundreds of videos for our fans.

I have been with YouTube since its early years and have gone through the ups and the downs. The stop motion videos I make are the most watched althought I make different videos to "Test the Waters". I have more then one channel the first being the Cars (DisneyToyCollector) channel is the most popular followed by the Toys N Dolls channel. I also put all my RV (recreational vehicle), camping and vacation videos on my RVJerry channel. I'm also working on other channels Comet and Cosmo, LotsOfStuff and Pez. For now the first two channels get all my time.

I have lots of YouTube friends out there that I wish I had more time to spend with but family comes first, then YouTube. I'll keep making videos in my extra time and hope the fans will keep liking them.
Here is a Fan now.

Just kidding, this is part of the Cast, Grace and Stavanna.

I work really hard and put a lot of hours into my channels and that's on top all the work I put into making a video. I also do a lot of tectnical stuff behind the scenes at the request of the YouTube Partners. My "Out-Of-The-Box" videos take the least amount of time (3hrs) while my Stop Motions can take 3 to 4 weeks. It seems unfair to see a video go viro when someone happened up on it and they've put very little time in making it, but that's the nature of YouTube. Hat's off to them and keep posting until forever.

I fall short in the music department so if anyone out there wants to add music to my videos just leave me a message on one of my channels. I will be glad to share in the finished video but I'm not interested in paying someone. I already have three different subscription to rolaty free music. Your music has to be original.

My latest technical movie trick is to take a real live event and add a toy character to it as in my Olaf snowboarding video. You have got to see it no mater how old you are.

  • The Planes Fire and Rescue movie is going to be lot of fun making movies for. So go to my channel and Subscribe.


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    About....Our Radiator Springs

    It took lots of construction paper, cardboard and paint. It took six months to get most of it done and a couple more to do some fine details. Even to this date I get more suggestions from my viewers and I will make more changes. The project started inside my house and when it got to big I moved it to the garage.

    This is the movie set I will use for this 2012 summers YouTube videos. We have made videos with cars racing around different homemade race tracks as well as the store bought tracks. I have different playlist for the races, for the diecast, and others just to keep them seperated. You can see us on YouTube click here YouTube.


    This Summer of 2014

    We continue to find new Cars 1 and 2 toys in the stores and we are still making movies.

    Here is our Carsland videos on YouTube.

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