Services.... found in Radiator Springs

Here in Radiator Springs we can give you a break from the hassel of big city and freeway driving. Just stop on in and catch a snooz at the Coszy Cone Motel and when you awake mosey on over to Filmores for a tank of smooth Alternative fuel. If Alternative fuel is not your flavor come on down to Flo's and get some V8 juice in many different octanes, free shine with any full tank. Sarges Army Supplus can fix you up with night vission goggles while you roam the isles of interesting gadgits. Tires and tires, that's what you will see should you stop at Lugis Tire shop. Lugis tires will take you to a whole new meaning of a smooth ride. AT Lizzie's you can get everything from a long lost hub cap to a bright new sticker, so be sure check her out. If you all ready know Tow Mater then you had a bit of a break down but he knows how and where to get you what you need to get you on the road again. The main attraction is Doc Hudson the most famous race car of the 50's, he always weclome new visitors with a few driving tips. And let's not forget the new race car Lightning McQueen who brought traffic back to Radiator Springs after getting lost and finding his best buddy, Tow Mater. Want to see them up close? Just click to see us on YouTube Click Here YouTube.